Saturday, 20 September 2014


There has been cancellations, finance nightmares, a missed train and some moments of ungraceful behaviour, but at last it is the first day of my shoe making course, with Prescott and Mackay .
Today we were concentrating on techniques that will assist in the full  five day intensive shoemaking course. Melissa our shoe guru was /is fabulous. An expert in all things shoe shaped and a big fine art fan.
My previous textile skills came in handy, but the attention to detail and precision in shoe making is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Love my new sharp scissors, the roundy- hammer-thingy and the stinky glue. Mmmmmmmm

Using the industrial singer post machine was like getting out of my Peugot and into a Lexus ( One would assume, `cos` ofcourse, I have never driven a Lexus), even the old singer post machine ( nearly 100 years old, bless) was a dream. The walking foot machine was much more difficult. A bit of a    mare really.  As for skiving , (thinning leather by slicing thin strips away), I didn't really master the technique at the time. Practice, etc.


Terms- Bagged, folded, toe box, semi industrial Bernina, Pfaff, ethical leather,Notch on the inside, Richard Stenner `Craftsman`, walking foot, skiving, post machine.


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