Monday, 2 June 2014

Pacing The Boundaries

This is the blog for a new Arts Council of Wales funded training project.
The Arts Council of Wales have given me the funding to do two training courses with Prescott and MayThank you so much to them.
The training events and my research will be recorded on this blog. Stay tuned for unlimited reports of Universal Cobblers!!

Quote from the application - incase you were wondering why...

Since completing my degree I have been using crochet as a familiar media and an easy starting point from which to access complex ideas about the origins of the Universe. I was able to bring 3D form to two dimensional linear drawings by substituting pen and paper for yarn and hook. I feel now that the I have exhausted the possibilities for this particular method, and that my work has become repetitive and stagnant. I am applying to the Arts Council of Wales to fund a training course that will inject new life into my practice, and increase my practical skills.
I have chosen a shoe making course as a change of subject that is a challenge. The process of shoe making also takes a two dimensional pattern and makes a 3D object. I was taught dress design and pattern cutting skills when I was young ,and have many years experience. I see the intensive shoe making course as a development of these skills , and also an opportunity to further my interest in the mathematics that describe form.
I am excited by the contrast of the pragmatism of footwear and the intangible nature of the fabric of the Universe. One form rooted to the earth , while the other defying description out in space. The relationship between the two becomes apparent, when manipulating flat material surfaces into complex curved forms, as I have been attempting to describe with crochet in my work.
The course will inspire experimentation and inform new pieces of work for future exhibitions and interactive projects. My work is usually conceptual, and working with installation means my practice lacks a saleable product. Learning to design and make shoes will also teach me to make a finished item, and help me support my work financially.

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